Originally formed in 1847, Kendall and Gent enjoyed many years as one of the biggest machine tool manufacturers in the U.K, producing many large machines which are still in production today. Many of the tangential threading machines are still used in pipe, bolt and stud threading.

Today we still build and supply threading machines, chasers and tooling. We also specialise in thread rolling on two roll machines or by using thread rolling heads. A refurbishment service is available for older machines at our works and we are always looking to buy redundant Kendall & Gent, Landis, Kenco, Peewee and Joshua Heap machines.

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1950’s Mark 1 Kendall & Gent 3” refurbished at our works in 2005 Landis 4” Longbed refurbished at our works in 2007
30 Ton Peewee Thread Roller Refurbished in 2002 Landis Landmaco 2 ½” Refurbished in 2004

Kendall & Gent build new threading machinery and tooling to order and export all over the world.

Our site contains photos, workshop manuals and short movies of the machinery and tooling we offer.

Please contact us for quotes, information on our products and advice for any problems you may experience.

New Kendall & Gent 2” Threading Machine Kendall & Gent Chasers (Dies) Will fit all makes of threading machines including Landis, Kenco & Joshua Heap. See Tooling Page