We have been specialists within the field of Thread Rolling, Thread Cutting and associated equipment for many years. Forges, Saws, Chamfering and numerous other specialist machine tools are also supplied and refurbished by ourselves. As a result of this organic growth over the period, we now have a sister company in Florida, USA, and have supplied various equipment to satisfied organizations across Europe, America Africa and Asia.

We keep Spares, workshop manuals and tooling for the following makes of machines Kendall & Gent, Kenco, Landis, Joshua Heap, Chamfermate, Fette & Alco (thread rolling heads), Adige, Forte, Rems, Duap, Peewee and many others.

Tooling – for detailed information on see our ‘Tooling’ page

Kendall & Gent Dies Reconditioned Landis Dieheads.


We carry Most Spares for Landis and Kendall & Gent Thread Cutting Machines including Die Heads, Chasers, Chaser Holders, Leadscrew / Nuts and Vice Grips. We also carry extensive stocks of Sala Adige Sawing Machine spares. Should you have any specific requirements or would like further information then please dont hesitate to email us.

New Landis Chaser Holders New Kendall & Gent Chaser Holders


We offer a full refurbishment / repair service for customers own machines - either on site or in situ at our works. The following photos illustrate Thread Cutting machines, which were stripped and totally refurbished at our works before being re-commissioned. Click on photos for larger images.

Before… After
Before… After

Purchasing of machinery

Should you wish us to provide a quotation for the purchasing of your used machinery, then please feel free to contact us via phone, fax or mail or email us at rdmachinetools@btopenworld.com


A large number of our customers ask us for thread roll conversions where we take a basic thread cutting machine and convert it to thread roll components. This is achieved by removing the existing Diehead and retrofitting a FETTE or ALCO thread rolling head.
We make the necessary adjustments to the transmission and power as it requires much more torque to displace material rather than cut it, rolling also requires significantly more speed which can be an advantage to high volume production.
Popular machines include M38.1 Jackleg threaders, M60.3 Acrow Prop and machines to thread roll large bolts which have been ‘skin turned’ to effective diameter. Examples of such machines can be viewed on the stock page.