Kendall & Gent Thread Rolling Heads

Kendall & Gent KG 5 Thread Rolling Head Kendall & Gent KG 70 Thread Rolling Head (70mm Capacity)

Size Ranges of Heads

Standard Heads

          Head Number                    Minimum Diameter                 Maximum Diameter

            KG1           M6 ( ¼”)         M10 ( 3/8”)
            KG2           M8 (5/16”)         M16 (5/8”)
            KG3           M12 ( 7/16”)         M22 (7/8”)
            KG4           M14 (9/16”)         M30 (1 1/8”)
            KG5           M18 (3/4”)         M38 (1 ½”)
            KG6           M30 (1 1/8”)         M40 ( 1 5/8”)

The range also continues up to M100 (4”), please contact for details.

The above size range sometimes vary slightly between stationary and rotary heads.

Specify R/H or L/H when ordering.

Contact us for prices of heads,thread rolls and accessories.

Thread Rolling Heads from Kendall & Gent are compact and rigid in construction , all components are generously designed and built to close limits to ensure production of accurate threads.

They are available in either rotating or stationary versions, the stationary are mainly mounted on auto lathe turrets, whereas the rotating are mounted on stand-alone machines, the examples of these below were built in our works by Kendall & Gent engineers.

Thread Cutting Machine converted to thread roll 30mm Tubes

Above; Thread Cutting Machine converted to thread roll 60mm Tubes

Thread Cutting

Our Range of Kendall & Gent Tangential and Radial Chaser Dies are manufactured from the most refined Tool Steel and using our own individual hardening technique, we produce the most durable and long lasting chasers in the world.

We supply our chasers for all makes of thread cutting machine, including Joshua Heap, Landis & Kenco.